Work ON your Business Not IN your Business

For many entrepreneurs, the period of time when you are initially starting and developing your business is the most exciting. Everything is new. Problems are welcomed and solutions feel like some of the most rewarding work that you have done in your life. Reaching out to new clients and establishing yourself in the market is a bit scary, but also quite exhilarating at the same time.

Somehow, as your business progresses you begin to work simply IN your business, rather than continuing to work ON your business.

The reality is, when you are working IN your business, rather than ON it, you are actually costing yourself money. Many entrepreneurs find that employing a Virtual Assistant to complete everyday administrative tasks will free up time that you can use to continue developing your business and avoid stagnating.

Here are a few tasks that you should be focusing on to develop your business while your newly hired Virtual Assistant handles the administrative tasks that keep your business running:

• Market Research

Every business owner should be acutely aware of the specific demographic that he or she is catering to. Take time to research the characteristics of your target demographics in order to tailor your product to suit their specific wants and needs.

• Prospective Client Outreach

In many cases, when you begin to feel too comfortable with your workload and client list, you are beginning to stagnate! As a business owner, you should constantly reach out to new and prospective clients in order to ‘hedge your bets’ against the loss of what you might perceive to be faithful and loyal clients.

• Innovating New Strategies

Many businesses fail when they begin to think that their product will always remain ‘in demand’. Consumers require constant innovation and unique products to satisfy their consumptive hunger. Business owners should seek to innovate within their existing products and diversify with new products, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle regular administrative tasks will allow you to focus your time on market research, reaching out to prospective new clients, and innovating new strategies to implement in your business.

By David A. West 

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