What is a Virtual Assistant or VA?


VA Service helps you get a Round Tuit

All of our clients get a Round TUIT. Isn’t it time you did too?

A Virtual Assistant is a person that is trained in business administration and supports local and distant clients. Our team members are carefully screened for their skills, related experience, ability to learn, adapt and for their great personalities! Our VA’s are supervised and supported in our commercial office suite. You see, we are not a one person administrator working with a handful of clients from home. We are a team of VA’s in a fully equipped commercial office located in Calgary.

A VA is the person who is going to help you get a Round TUIT

When Modern Philosopher Dr. John DeMartini spoke at a recent conference for professional speakers, he spoke about the things we “put off”, the things that we don’t enjoy doing. I am paraphrasing, but the point he made was that to be truly successful and happy we have to do the things that excite us. The things that get us in our groove (my words, not his). When I listened to him I couldn’t help but think to myself that this is the role of a Virtual Assistant – to keep me in my groove. I also thought to myself, “I will never draft another proposal again without Stephanie’s help.”  Stephanie is my administrative assistant.

A VA will help keep you focused on creating value for your clients.

A VA will do the tasks that business owners and managers don’t want to do. For example, you know the feeling when you look at your desk and in one corner is a pile of business cards from people you met this month (or maybe this quarter?). You know you should be hand writing notes to some of those people. You know you should be reaching out to them and connecting on LinkedIn and Facebook. But you don’t. As important as it is to do these things, we don’t have the time. We know the great value that these tasks bring to our business but we still don’t get around to them.

These are only two simple examples of routine tasks that are getting set aside. A VA from our team will do these things for you. You know that these simple “sales based” activities should be routine and you know that they will help with future revenue and yet without help they are not getting done.

A VA is Your New Life Hacker

Our consultative process of engaging new clients will ensure that you get great value from your engagement with us. We are business owners and managers too, and we are leading a team of Virtual Assistants to serve you. We are committed to putting systems in place to ensure you are getting tasks done efficiently and effectively. Using cloud based systems, tools, and technology, you are going to get the feeling that we are actually in your office.

We sincerely wish you the best in business and life.

If you are ready to “get a round TUIT”, don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone on our team for more information or to get started with your new Virtual Assistant!

David A. West
Managing Director

Written By David A. West. Visit David on Google+

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