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VA Service helps you get a Round Tuit

All of our clients get a Round TUIT.

What is the Cost of having  a VA?

This is a common question and our fee structure is really quite simple. Before we get to our fees though let’s ask a better question. What does it cost to not have a Virtual Assistant?

Almost every business person we speak to that is serious about growing their business understands that every minute they spend at their desk working on mundane tasks they are likely missing opportunities to excel. Let’s face it – we didn’t start our own business so that we could data mine the internet or do a mail merge. We started our business to make money.

Hiring a VA is actually going to help you make money. Indeed we do charge for our services, but at the end of the day if you invest two or four hundred dollars a month into administration and spend more time with your customers, not only will you make more money but your clients will love you!

Our Fees

Virtual Administrative Assistant service time is pre-purchased in blocks of 15 hours or more depending on our clients needs each month. Time is tracked when your VA is working on task. The time is applied against your credit in 15 minute increments.

Clients make a monthly commitment to purchase the minimum 15 hours of service time per month. In this manner, we can confidently ensure that we have the right number of Virtual Assistants on staff to serve everyone.  We ask only for a month-to-month commitment at this time.

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Written By David A. West visit David on Google+

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