Three Tedious Tasks a Business Manager Should Never Do

As a business manager, your main responsibility should be the oversight of your entire business. A huge part of which is managing the productivity of your individual employees. The unfortunate reality is that many managers end up completing tedious tasks, on a daily basis, that detract from their ability to effectively oversee the productivity of their business.

Here are three tedious tasks that business managers should delegate in order to free up time to deal with more complex and overarching issues:

• Social Networking

In our increasingly connected world, almost every business maintains a significant online presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks can be used to increase a business’ online presence, as well as reach out to new prospective clients and buyers.

However, social networking can require a substantial amount of time. If you business manager is using time managing your company’s online presence, he or she is not spending the necessary time interfacing with both employees and customers.

• List Building/Data Mining

A huge part of your business operation should be dedicated to collecting and organizing data on existing target markets, as well as building lists of prospective clients. Like social networking, collecting this data and building lists of prospective clients can be extremely time consuming. Your business manager should delegate this task so that he or she can focus on higher-level functions.

• New Hire Training

While business managers should play an integral role in the recruitment and hiring of new employees, the actual training of new employees should be delegated to existing employees when a new hire is brought in.

Often, business managers are unfamiliar with the everyday tasks of their employees, making them unfit to thoroughly and accurately train new hires. Many businesses have a long-time employee that is given the unofficial, or official, title of ‘Training Manager’.

There are many tedious tasks that business managers often get stuck completing on a daily basis. Social networking, list building/data mining, and training new hires are just three examples of tedious tasks that business managers should NEVER do!

By David A. West 

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