Virtual Assistants

Sometimes a Virtual Assistant needs a Virtual Assistant

Maybe you’re a Virtual Assistant or you have a Virtual Assistant who works for you. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is often hired by a business owner or a company to take care of all of the everyday tasks that a manager might normally do but that take them away from more important work. If there’s not enough work to keep a full time Personal Assistant busy enough, many companies hire contractors to take up the slack. Often a VA will work for several different clients and might be a specialist in certain fields, for example, business writing, bookkeeping, or event planning.

Sometimes a VA can get so busy they start feel like the overworked, overstressed manager they themselves were hired to help. So, what are they to do? They can hire their very own VA to do some of their work.

When you work as a VA you’re always on the lookout for new clients and it’s difficult to turn down work even though you’re reaching your peak capacity. Rather than turn work away, it’s tempting to take more on yourself. Before you know it, you’re stressed out trying to get all of your work done and you’re spending way too much of your time doing work that you don’t like or that someone else could be doing for you. Guess what, you’ve become a manager, and a perfect candidate for a VA.

If you farm out some of your work to a VA, obviously you’re going to earn a little bit less than you would if you did the work yourself. However, if you turn work away, you’ll be getting nothing. The same rules that apply to a manager who’s hiring a VA apply to a VA who’s hiring their own VA. Do your due diligence and hire someone to do specific jobs. Be clear in your expectations and be patient because you know from personal experience that it can take time for a VA to get up to speed.

If you’re a business owner or manager, or even a VA who needs a little extra help, contact the VA Team in Calgary and put a team of skilled Virtual Assistants to work for you.



By David A. West 

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