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Data Mining

If you’re running your own small business, or recently received a promotion to a managerial role in an existing company, the number of tasks on your plate can quickly become overwhelming. In addition to learning your own job responsibilities, you’ll inevitably be bombarded with questions from other employees or potential clients.

As a manager, one of the most important skills to master is the art of delegation. Your employees and partners are a resource to help you achieve your business’ long-term goals. As your company progresses, it’s essential that you find people that you can trust to delegate tasks that will free up your own time to consider bigger picture questions regarding your company’s direction and future goals.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help many small business owners and managers free up time to devote themselves to larger, managerial tasks. Virtual Assistants are capable of handling emails and phone calls, website maintenance, and much more.

Another important task that you might consider outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is data mining. This refers to the gathering of knowledge within and amongst various industries. Most companies employ the use of digital and physical data in order to help them make the most informed business decisions possible.

Data mining helps companies get access to the information needed to guide their decisions. Ultimately, data mining can help your organization manage your human resources, regulate capital expenditures, and guide your company’s underlying values.

However, for a small business owner with little research experience, the infinite number of data sources available can quickly result in confusion and frustration when the researcher lacks the tools and experience to handle large data mining projects. Outsourcing your company’s data mining can help to reduce the likelihood of turning up data that ultimately proves to be ineffective in helping your company in some way.

If you aren’t an experienced miner of relevant business data, a knowledgeable Virtual Assistant can help you find the right data to help your company move forward in the most efficient manner possible. Here are a few places where data can be sourced:


If you’re launching a new product or service, mining data from existing competitors or other providers’ websites will help you simplify your research effort.

Social Media

The fastest growing data sector, social media is an excellent source for consumer data. Researchers use social media to find information that will guide market and organizational analysis.

Business Data

Every business’ records contain valuable data pertaining to the company’s working personnel and business processes. Tapping into this data helps business’ conduct internal research.

Resume Information

Resumes of past job applicants can yield important data relating to many different human resources issues. Tapping into resume information can help business’ refine hiring processes and streamline their human resource department.

As you can see, there are many different sources of data out there to source. This can become incredibly complex for a business owner that is also trying to juggle many other tasks. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to mine data for you will help you focus on making the best decisions possible with that data.

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By David A. West 

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