Core Services Your VA CAN Provide

VA Service helps you get a Round Tuit

All of our clients get a Round TUIT. Isn’t it time you did to?

We define services based on three categories. CORE services, CALL services, and OPTIONAL services.

CORE Services

Your Virtual Assistant, or VA, will be able to assist you with “all things” administration. Data mining, mailing lists, client contact, website updates (if you have a content management system), outbound phone calls, draft letters, mail merge, draft contracts & proposals, etc.

Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and every one of them has unique needs. Our consultative process will ensure that the core services defined for your business meet your specific needs.

CALL Services

If you want your VA to make outbound phone calls for you to book appointments or call previous clients to do service follow up interviews, then you will be pleased to know that we consider “Outbound” calling a CORE service.

Should you need your VA to answer your INBOUND calls, there are a couple of points you need to know. First, this service differentiates VATeam from most VA services! We can only provide INBOUND call management and website LIVECHAT support because we are a TEAM. We can collaboratively ensure that your incoming phone calls are managed at all times during business hours by ensuring that there is always a VA at their desk during business hours!

If you are interested in having your VA answer your inbound business lines for you to free you up to do money making business, just ask your consultant.  There are additional fees for INBOUND Call Services.


We developed the concept of VAteam.ca because we have been providing a range of professional services to our clients for over a decade. It only made sense to the Partners that we take this next step.

Your VA literally can turn on her chair and have access to resources that can help to propel your business to the next level. Our Managing Director has over 20 years of experience working in executive roles. We have a team of creative people in our office that can produce brands, designs, websites, programs, run pay-per-click ads, do search engine optimization, write content for websites, produce blog articles, and much more.

There are two coaches in our office! Each has a specific focused practice area that helps our clients boost their profits.

No single person can provide such a diverse range of services. It truly takes a team.

If you are ready to investigate further. Click here and get the ball rolling. What are you waiting for?

Written By David A. West. Visit David on Google+

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