Are you limiting your Business by not Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Depending on your perspective, the long hours that you put into running your business could be a good thing or a bad thing. There probably aren’t too many business owners out there who manage to work a 40 hour week. The trade-off for the long hours is the challenge and satisfaction of being your own boss and watching your idea and hard work grow into a successful business. However, there comes a time when you have to ask yourself if the long hours you are working are the best use of your time.

As your business grows, eventually you’ll have to make a choice between working 80 hour weeks and hiring someone to help. A lot of business owners are hesitant to hire employees because they think that they can handle everything themselves and that paying someone will cut into their profits.

That’s false economy. Working excessively long hours will eventually lead to burnout. It also likely means that you’re spending too much of your valuable time doing “busy work” that someone else could be doing and not enough time focusing on new clients or revenue streams.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant, or better yet a team is the ideal way to grow your business without incurring the costs and liabilities of hiring permanent employees. A virtual assistant can do day to day tasks like responding to e-mails or posting regular articles on your website. They can step in to handle short term peaks in workload and then if demand falls off you can use them less until the next peak.

Even better than hiring a single VA is having a whole team at your disposal. Each member of the team can be specialized in a role and if one member is absent for any reason, another team member can usually fill in for them.

If you’ve finally had enough of working excessively long hours and want to focus on the parts of running your business that you really enjoy, contact the VA Team in Calgary. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how cost effective it can be to put a team of VA’s to work for you.

By David A. West 

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