5 Signs that you Should Hire a Virtual Assistant in Calgary

When you first start a business, you might dream of the day when you get so successful you need to hire an assistant. That day might seem like a long way off but if you work hard and have a good product or service, it could happen a lot sooner than you think. Before long you could find yourself overwhelmed by the million and one little things that you need to do every week to keep your business running smoothly.

Even though they know they could use a bit of help, a lot of budding entrepreneurs resist the urge to hire an assistant. They think it will cost too much money. Or, they haven’t considered how much extra time an assistant could free up to allow them to focus on the important things – like building relationships with new customers.

While a full time Personal Assistant might be a viable option in larger businesses, a lot of small business owners can probably get by with a Virtual Assistant who works remotely, on an as needed basis.

If any of the following scenarios apply to you, it’s probably a good idea for you to start thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant.

  • You have a “to do” list every week and some of the tasks never seem to get done. In fact, a lot of them keep getting rolled over into the following week.
  • You work evenings and weekends just to try to stay on top of things. In spite of that, things keep falling through the cracks. You miss deadlines for important proposals, payments to suppliers are late, or you miss a meeting because you lost a sticky note.
  • You spend way too much time doing things that you don’t enjoy or aren’t very good at. Writing a blog post, struggling to update the content on your website, or following up on overdue invoices, for example.
  • You’re so overwhelmed by work it starts to affect your personal life.
  • You’ve had to turn business away because you’re having trouble keeping up with the business you have now.

If you see yourself in any of the scenarios above, it’s probably time to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. Contact VA Team in Calgary when it’s time to take your business to the next level.

By David A. West 

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