Monthly Archives: January 2014

5 Signs that you Should Hire a Virtual Assistant in Calgary

When you first start a business, you might dream of the day when you get so successful you need to hire an assistant. That day might seem like a long way off but if you work hard and have a good product or service, it could happen a lot sooner than you think. Before long […]

How Technology Can Help You and Your Virtual Assistant Communicate Better

Many professionals and small business owners have begun employing Virtual Assistants to handle administrative tasks that tie them up for hours and prevent them from reaching out to new clients and growing their business. A Virtual Assistant will take on those timely administrative tasks and, more importantly, it will complete those tasks at a much cheaper rate than […]

Three Tedious Tasks a Business Manager Should Never Do

As a business manager, your main responsibility should be the oversight of your entire business. A huge part of which is managing the productivity of your individual employees. The unfortunate reality is that many managers end up completing tedious tasks, on a daily basis, that detract from their ability to effectively oversee the productivity of their business. Here are […]

Why a Virtual Assistant Will Help You Sell More

Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you feel caught up in administrative tasks that are taking time away from finding new clients and increasing your productivity? If this sounds like you, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great solution! Hiring a Virtual Assistant will allow you to shift your focus away from the administrative tasks that […]

Work ON your Business Not IN your Business

For many entrepreneurs, the period of time when you are initially starting and developing your business is the most exciting. Everything is new. Problems are welcomed and solutions feel like some of the most rewarding work that you have done in your life. Reaching out to new clients and establishing yourself in the market is a bit scary, […]

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